The Prosper Group focuses on delivering results.

Strategy that Delivers Results

Since 2006, The Prosper Group has been developing digital strategies for our clients.  We help them to establish goals and deliver results with:

  • Addresses acquired
  • Emails Opened
  • Money raised
  • Petitions signed
  • Legislators contacted
  • Voters targeted
  • Ads served

We start by working with you to understand your organization’s needs and identify your target audience.  From there, our award-winning team works with you every step of the way as we build relationships with these audiences utilizing your website, social media, email communications, and whatever tools or tactics your strategy calls for.

Whether you are a political candidate looking to drive home your message or a trade association targeting Member of Congress, The Prosper Group has an innovative solution for you.

It’s About Service & Quality

We put an emphasis on personalized customer service that is managed by a competent staff. We believe it is important not just to develop creative strategies and ideas for your organization, but to have an in-house team that builds it, tests it, and supports it.

If it is important to your organization, it is important to us.  We make security and reliability a top priority by leveraging state of the art cloud hosting technologies, 24 hour monitoring, and full time systems administration.

Our team of Midwesterners will dedicate themselves to delivering a great experience for everyone in your organization.  We make sure that your campaign continues to run 24/7, so you don’t have to.


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