New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee

Online Advertising

In 2012, Republicans lost the majority in the New York State Senate.  To help them win control back, the New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee hired The Prosper Group to engage in innovative online ad targeting in the tough districts they needed to win. 

The first ad campaign began running in June of 2014. An early start to the effort gave us advantage in getting our client’s message to voters and defining their opponents. 

In coordination with the committee, we were able to deliver appropriate messaging to likely Republican, Independent, Soft Democrats, and unaffiliated voters through calculated pre-roll advertisement campaigns that were served across multiple devices. Dozens of targeted campaigns resulted in 7,916,453 completed views among targeted voters.

One of the top targets was New York Senate District 46, an open seat race. Voters were polled several times prior to October, allowing us to track the movement of voter opinion up to six months from the election. Specifically, polls were conducted among voters whose primary information source is the internet/social media, which represented around 20%-25% of the sample. 

The only mass media efforts conducted during this time frame operated exclusively online. Polling demonstrated that as a result of our ads, we moved the Republican candidate’s number eight points more than the average, while at the same time moving the opponent’s number down four points. We clearly moved the “internet news” voters more than the average voter.

With New York being a blue state and having some of the most expensive media markets in the country, it was critical for the committee to reach persuadable voters early and often. Online advertising gave the New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee an efficient and effective method for reaching their target voters. As a result of the committee’s partnership with The Prosper Group, and their investment in digital advertising, we were able to help them win seven seats and take control of the State Senate. 

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