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2021 Pollies: Prosper Group Wins Third Straight Best Republican Fundraising Award

AAPC Recognizes Small Dollar Fundraising Achievements for Elise Stefanik Campaign

In 2021 The Prosper Group, a proud member of the American Association of Political Consultants, was honored to be nominated for four Pollie Awards.

Later this year, The Prosper Group celebrates 15 years of providing top digital consulting to Republican candidates and right-of-center organizations. We are starting the Anniversary Celebration early with the addition of two Pollie Awards in 2021, bringing the firm's all-time total to 49 Pollie Awards.

The Prosper Group Pollie Awards

"I think three Best Republican Fundraising Pollies in three years speaks to our commitment to get wins for our clients," says Kurt Luidhardt, Prosper Group Co-Founder. "Our work for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is a great example of the small-dollar fundraising we do for Republicans at all levels. Nothing is more important to us than the results we are achieving for clients like Elise Stefanik and Ted Cruz to tell their stories better and empower activism."

I think three Best Republican Fundraising Pollies in three years speaks to our commitment to get wins for our clients. - Kurt Luidhardt (@kurtluidhardt)


In 15 years, we have been blessed with great clients, great partners, and, most importantly, great team members. Our team not only strives to learn and grow, but they demonstrate PG's Core Values of Being Mountain Climbers, Striving for Excellence, and Leaving Their Egos at the Door.

As we grow, Prosper Group clients benefit from improved small-dollar fundraising, online advocacy, digital advertising, online storytelling, and overall digital strategy.

2021 AAPC Pollie Awards

The Pollie Awards (Pollies) are bipartisan honors awarded annually by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) to members of the political advertising and communications industry who have demonstrated superior work on behalf of their candidates and causes. A blind jury of their professional peers selects AAPC award winners. Esquire magazine has dubbed the Pollies "…the Oscars of political advertising."

Overall Best Fundraising Campaign Republican

2021 Pollie Award Winner Overall Best Fundraising Campaign Republican

The Prosper Group's small-dollar fundraising for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik won a Gold Pollie. The award marks The Prosper Group's third consecutive and fifth all-time Pollie for Overall Best Republican Fundraising Campaign. In total, the digital firm has received nine Pollie awards for fundraising.

Best Republican Fundraising Campaign Three Years Running

Best Use of Email Marketing for Digital Acquisition Campaign

2021 Pollie Award Winner Best Use of Email Marketing for Digital Acquisition Campaign

2021 was PG's first nomination in the Best Use of Email Marketing for Digital Acquisition Campaign category. The Prosper Group's work to expand Elise for Congress's house-file and small-dollar fundraising base of support won the Silver Pollie Award.

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The Prosper Group is an internationally recognized, award-winning digital marketing agency headquartered in Indianapolis. The firm specializes in online media, strategy, and fundraising for Republican political candidates, advocacy organizations, associations, and non-profits. Campaign and advocacy industry peers have recognized The Prosper Group with prestigious awards from the American Association of Political Consultants and Campaigns & Elections for their best-in-industry work.

The firm has worked in tandem with Trump for President 2016, Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ted Cruz, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, Congressman John Katko, the National Association of Manufacturers, Fox News, and many other candidates and organizations.

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