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3 Off-Year Digital Strategies for Political Campaigns

For most political campaigns, odd-numbered years are a time for rest and the conservation of resources. But just because your TV ads are dark does not mean that you also need to pause your digital campaign. In fact, employing certain digital strategies can make even more sense during an off-year. Here are three examples.

3 Off-Year Digital Strategies for Political Campaigns

1. Search Ads

We have covered search ads extensively before. In short, even at a very low level of spend, placing ads for a few keywords on Google and Bing can provide big benefits and peace of mind.

During the off-year, it's not uncommon for your campaign website to slip in page rankings, resulting in other content rising to the top of search queries. That "other content" could be news stories or blog posts which you don't control! Search ads won't fix your page rank, but they do help to ensure that your controlled content is given the opportunity to be seen first.

When potential donors do a search query for "CANDIDATE'S NAME + DONATION" will they find your contribution page, or will they find news stories about a recent FEC filing? Search ads help ensure a preferred outcome for that query, rather than frustration.

2. Email Acquisition

I think most campaigns these days understand the value of having large email lists, especially for fundraising purposes. Unfortunately, most campaigns only bother growing their lists during the election year. There's an old saying that applies here: "dig your well before you're thirsty."

Now is the time to be growing your lists and keeping them fresh, even if only at a low level. Facebook's new Lead Generation ad type makes it really easy to present your audience with an opportunity to share their email address with you, without even needing to build a special landing page.

Even an investment as little as $5/day could net you 100-200 new email signups per month.

3. Live Video

You have probably been seeing a lot of these in your feed. Live video costs you nothing but your time and is a great way to engage with your voters and constituents. Some ideas:

  1. Use Facebook Live to do an impromptu Q&A with your supporters.
  2. Cover the groundbreaking of a new school or other new public project.
  3. Give your constituents a tour of your office and a glimpse into the daily routine of an elected official.


These are three very inexpensive strategies you can employ to keep your campaign engaged with voters and supporters during the off-year. If you're ready to get started, drop us a line.

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