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43 Amazing People, 3 Reed Awards, and Incredible Clients

If you read my subject line, you know I have some exciting news to share with you. 

But first, I want to take a moment to lift up our team at The Prosper Group. Please indulge me for a moment. 

We have amazingly talented people at PG who are client-focused and strive to see others succeed. PG Team members embody our core values of Being Mountain Climbers, Striving for Excellence, and Leaving our Egos at the Door

This values-driven approach creates big wins for PG, our clients, and each other. 

In this spirit of recognizing those who do great work behind the scenes, I want to share our award-winning team with you and thank them for all of their work. 

Thank You to the PG Team!
On to the Awards! 
This week Campaigns and Elections hosted the 2020 Reed Awards, honoring the best work and biggest names in our industry. 
Digital strategy from The Prosper Group was recognized with 11 Reed Award nominations. Those categories spanned fundraising creativity and results, website design and development, and online advertising and targeting with outstanding work from federal and statewide campaigns down to legislative races and local efforts. 
I’m excited to share that The Prosper Group brought home three Reeds from Atlanta! 

Here are the Reed Award Winners: 

  • Best Use Of Online Targeting For Statewide Campaign - Non-Federal 
    Daniel Cameron for Attorney General of Kentucky
    Daniel Cameron made history in November. Thanks in part to a targeted advertising strategy from The Prosper Group, he outperformed the top of the ticket and won 58% to 42%
  • Best Use Of Online Targeting For State Legislative Campaign
    Justin Holland for Texas
    The Prosper Group used targeted advertising to dramatically increase Justin Holland's local profile. Without a primary opponent, Holland is well-positioned now for re-election in a heavily Republican district.
  • Best Use Of Online Targeting For County, Local Or Judicial Campaign (Non-Mayoral)
    Keep Judge Josh Berkowitz
    Judge Josh Berkowitz faced a low turnout election with municipal judges at the top of the ticket. The Prosper Group helped Berkowitz take his story directly to voters and make a lasting impact, winning re-election with 57% of the vote

I’m thrilled to congratulate our clients, Daniel Cameron, Justin Holland, and Josh Berkowitz, along with the entire PG Team. We love working with you, and all our clients. Thank you for entrusting your digital strategy to The Prosper Group! 
I would also like to thank Campaign & Elections for an incredible event, and all the judges for their time and consideration. 
Thank you all! 
Kristen Luidhardt 
President & Co-Founder 
P.S. I can't help it. You can find out more about our amazing staff at We are hiring even more top talent in 2020.  

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