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5 Strategies for Socially Distanced Voter Outreach

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Now is the Time to Innovate and Pivot

  • Election calendars have been disrupted in many states, and several more are discussing measures that include postponing elections or changing processes.
  • We expect the amount of time people are spending online to surge. Now is the time to be proactive and adjust tactics accordingly.


Five Strategies for Socially Distanced Voter Outreach

5 Strategies for Socially Distanced Voter Outreach

1. Public Service Announcements

Constituents and voters are looking to stay informed. Leaders can step up by centralizing national and local information, sharing tips, or promoting community outreach. Digital channels provide many options such as email, texting, social sharing, and even virtual town halls to keep communities connected and informed.

2. Voter Identification

Public response to the coronavirus has the potential to lower turnout, making voter identification all the more critical. Drawing from a mix of digital tools, including SMS messaging and social media, The Prosper Group can help build and model your GOTV universe.

3. Online Fundraising

Having resources to engage and communicate with voters is key to any successful campaign. With limitations on events and gathering, PG has the expertise to develop an online fundraising strategy that is sensitive to the issues at hand and is tailored to your campaign or cause.


We have seen election precincts moved, early voting locations closed, and elections postponed in response to the coronavirus. In Illinois, we helped keep voters informed with custom voter information sites and pivoted our strategy to boost this audience. PG can drive turnout of your voter universe from early voting to election day.

5. Absentee Ballot Initiatives

With the emphasis on social distancing, absentee ballot initiatives warrant special attention. Pairing an absentee ballot program with voter identification creates a powerful opportunity to chase votes and run up the score before election day.


BONUS: Content Production

We have an experienced team of message developers, designers, and video editors to help produce content on the fly.

If your video shoots have been canceled, our team can help deploy cutting edge motion graphics in a creative and impactful way.

Whatever your need, The Prosper Group is here to deliver.

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