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Ad Fraud

Programmatic ad buying has provided advertisers and clients with huge gains in efficiency over the past five years. For our political clients in particular, programmatic has allowed us to rapidly push ads to voters, and make in-flight changes to spend levels, dates, audience segments, geo-targets, and more.

Unfortunately, programmatic advertising has also found itself susceptible to higher rates of advertising fraud, which is beginning to negate some of the cost savings.

In a recent article on AdWeek, Christopher Heine describes the concerns regarding online ad fraud. In most cases of ad fraud, tech-savvy culprits operate large numbers of automated programs, or bots, which can simulate human traffic to a website. They typically get paid by offering (unwitting) publishers increased website traffic, or by driving traffic to bogus websites which are serving ads from a real ad exchange.

Even if those schemes don't entirely make sense to you, please understand that ad fraud is real and it is affecting everyone.

According to the study cited by the article, bot fraud will cost advertisers over $7 billion globally in 2016, raising costs for everyone. That's why, at The Prosper Group, we are taking fraud very seriously and working to protect our clients.

We recently announced our partnership with TubeMogul, an industry leader in programmatic advertising. TubeMogul offers a suite of tools for detecting botnets and identifying fake pre-roll, ensuring that most fraud attempts are stopped before any damage is done.

Beyond bot detection, we also provide our clients integrations with Moat and Integral Ad Science, two leaders in advertising viewability. A non-viewable ad isn't necessarily deliberate fraud, but it has the same effect as an advertiser is charged for an impression that was not seen by a human being.

If your current digital vendor isn't addressing fraud and viewability in their advertising campaigns, it's probably time to change vendors. Get in touch with us today and we'll make sure that you're getting what you are paying for.

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