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Adobe Advertising: The Prosper Group’s Secret Weapon in Audience Targeting

Last week the Adobe Summit 2017 hosted one of the largest annual gatherings in the digital marketing universe.

You may know Adobe for its PDF products and graphic design software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. These programs have provided smaller agencies like The Prosper Group the tools to create high-end, high-impact marketing campaigns – tools that only global advertising conglomerates could afford a few short decades ago.

What many people don’t know is that Adobe has evolved into perhaps the most sophisticated marketing software company in the world, with its annual summit providing digital marketers across the country (and beyond) an opportunity to come together and learn about the newest trends, innovations and technology.

Spend just an hour at Adobe Summit 2017, and you’d recognize that the quest for ever-increasing personalization drives most innovation in marketing today. A 1-1 marketing relationship is the Holy Grail – serving each person a unique ad, targeted to their specific tastes and preferences.

Targeting and personalization innovation have been a longtime focus for us at The Prosper Group. Early in the last election cycle we made a huge technology investment, and today we are one of the only Republican digital agencies to utilize Adobe’s powerful demand-side platform (formerly TubeMogul), providing our clients true cross-screen programmatic digital buying.

It has been one of the best investments our agency has ever made.

For example, the Adobe Advertising platform provides Prosper the ability to ingest Nielsen data from a TV buy and create a digital ad campaign that complements, rather than duplicates, TV targeting. It provides “exposure caps” across an entire digital buy, rather than only within Facebook or only within one particular ad network.

All that tech talk boils down to this – The Prosper Group is able to put 20-30% more lead on the target for the same dollar spent.

The continual march towards greater personalization in advertising leads with the notion that context is as important as content. If you are a candidate and encounter a voter at a town hall meeting or during an office visit, they are expecting a particular type of engagement. If you run into that same voter a week later at a high school football game, the two of you haven’t changed a bit, but what that voter is expecting from that encounter is very different than the week before.

The context of how and where we engage voters matters every bit as much as the content we provide them. Some of this is common sense targeting; you wouldn’t run the same ad on the evening news that you would on Snapchat. But the power of the Adobe Advertising platform goes far beyond these basic distinctions. Prosper is using these tools to develop highly sophisticated personalization options for our clients that run different messages to the same voter, factoring in the context in which they are seeing the message -- location, time of day, the type of site they are viewing the ad on, and many additional considerations.

Across our industry, a primary hurdle to increasing complexity in online advertising has been the time it takes to develop quality creative. If you think about how a single piece of creative would be deployed, there could be dozens of versions needed to take care of sizing variations, mobile responsiveness concerns, and social media considerations – meaning many hours of design time even once a creative concept has been approved.

This is another way the power of the Adobe Advertising platform is fundamentally transforming what agencies like The Prosper Group can achieve for our clients.

As mentioned, this platform already delivers our clients 20-30% more impressions to a target audience compared against other placement methods. But now, integrated with that, is the ability to create dynamic content within a single ad design.

For example, Prosper can determine from a voter’s ISP which county they are in and, in one ad unit, can feature photos specific to that that locality with an accompanying headline mentioning the county. Another possibility is displaying an ad that is customized down to the individual level by demographic data, perhaps including photos of people similar in gender or age to the person viewing the ad. Ads can also be customized by viewer to display relevant dates for rallies, or polling locations for get-out-the-vote efforts.

This dynamic customization is all possible without having to spend countless hours creating dozens or even hundreds of pieces of creative, making personalization truly sophisticated and scalable.

The Prosper Group’s partnership with Adobe Advertising has provided us with the most sophisticated tools in the industry today, and we’re proud to be able to put them to work for our clients. The same way that Photoshop and Illustrator once empowered small shops like ours to compete with the global big boys in terms of graphic design of high-impact ads, we now have the same powerful ad placement technology and personalization capability that they do.

It’s an amazing time to be in the digital media field, and we are excited to be able to offer these sorts of cutting-edge, truly innovative services to our clients.

Interested in learning how The Prosper Group’s online advertising capabilities can help your campaign or organization achieve its goals? Contact us today.

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