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BIG NEWS: The Prosper Group is a Finalist for 11 Reed Awards!

Even though 2018 was a midterm cycle, The Prosper Group had a record-setting year with extraordinary growth while delivering excellence for our clients - and Campaigns & Elections’ Reed Awards have taken notice!

As you likely know, Campaigns & Elections’ Reed Award winners represent the very best the political campaign and advocacy industries have to offer. We’re truly honored to be named a finalist in eleven digital categories, and we’re excited for next month’s Reed Awards in Austin, Texas, to see how many awards we’ll take home to Indianapolis!

We wanted to take a moment to share with you just some of the work that was named a finalist in its category…


Through a coordinated paid and organic social media push, combined with a hyper-localized strategic approach, we were able to successfully raise awareness about Congressman Will Hurd's DC2DQ events, drive RSVPs and attendance, and create social media and earned media opportunities bringing the Hurd for Congress campaign to the “front door” of voters across the 23rd District.



Despite being a few years old, messenger bots are not widely used in political campaigns. Knowing the open rate of Facebook Messages in general is high, The Prosper Group made the decision to create a chatbot to aid our GOTV efforts for Senator Ted Cruz. After gaining the ability to contact users who had previously interacted with our chatbot, we launched a chat campaign asking users if they had voted early. If they did not, then it prompted them to RSVP to a Facebook event which would remind attendees to vote on Election Day.


BuzzFeed’s platform has become almost a ubiquitous template for everything from quizzes about what type of breakfast cereal best matches your astrological sign, to lists about things you should take with you when leaving for the dog park. And since BuzzFeed is a relatively left-leaning website, The Prosper Group wanted to give it a Conservative spin, which we did with the LiberalStacey microsite. Throughout, we managed to deliver engaging content that creates urgency and then links the users to a page that will help them vote early or locate their polling place.



In the last week of the campaign, the final television ad for Kemp for Governor launched with footage of Stacey Abrams personally highlighting the extreme nature of her liberal-left agenda in her own words. We created a GIF that would be memorable, impactful, eye-catching, and still resemble the style of the television ad, in order to deliver true cross-screen reach that penetrated the key audiences that would make the critical difference in this extremely tight race.


Over the course of the entire campaign, the Sinema for Senate campaign would spend $15 million in general election TV advertisements while the McSally for Senate campaign would spend only $5.85 million. As a result, our best chance for victory came by using our data and working to create the most efficient and effective digital strategy to move marginal votes. We leveraged our data to talk to the voters that mattered. Over the course of the campaign (fewer than 10 weeks), we reached them consistently with a high frequency. We also created over a dozen pieces of creative targeted exclusively to them. This ensured the right audience saw the right message, regardless of medium. 

And that's just a sample of some of the work for which The Prosper Group was recognized. All of the categories for which we were named a finalist may be found below:


  • Advertising & Targeting | Best Use of Online Targeting for State Legislative Campaign
  • Advertising & Targeting | Best Use of Online Targeting for Gubernatorial Campaign
  • Advertising & Targeting | Best Use of Online Targeting for Congressional Campaign
  • Advertising & Targeting | Best Use of Online Targeting for US Senate Campaign
  • Advertising & Targeting | Best Campaign GIF
  • Advertising & Targeting | Best Use of a Social Platform
  • Advertising & Targeting | Best Use of Technology for GOTV
  • Email & Fundraising | Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy for Gubernatorial Campaign
  • Email & Fundraising | Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy for US Senate Campaign
  • Email & Fundraising | Best Online Fundraising Program
  • Websites & Mobile | Best Microsite


We’re very proud of the body of work we put together for our clients in 2018. We were able to find new and innovative ways to reach people online, and we can’t wait to put that invaluable experience to work for you. Don’t wait – click here and let’s work together!


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