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Cruzin’ to Victory: Ted Cruz Online Fundraising Wins a Bronze “Pollie”

At this year’s Pollie Awards in Napa, California, our efforts in the 2018 cycle earned The Prosper Group an outstanding FIVE “Pollie” awards - the most of any GOP digital firm in the country!

This is the first in a five-part series to introduce you to our efforts that took home hardware. If you like what you read, click here and let’s chat about how we can work together.

BRONZE: Best Overall Fundraising Campaign | Republican | Ted Cruz for Senate

At the start of the 2018 cycle, one thing was clear: defeating Senator Ted Cruz was a top priority for Democrats – not just in Texas, but across the country.

Senator Cruz’s opponent, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke became a national left-wing “rock star” who would go on to set records for his online fundraising efforts; eventually raising more than $80 million. This meant every single dollar that could be raised for the Cruz campaign would be critical.

As a result, we had to make sure we raised money responsibly and efficiently to maximize the number of dollars the campaign would be able spend on voter persuasion and turn-out efforts in a midterm election that saw an unprecedent surge in turnout.

We built out a fundraising program that was focused on maximizing profitability across multiple digital channels; including organic traffic, email list rentals, search advertising, social media advertising, and our email house file.

This resulted in a program that generated over $4 million in net revenue for the campaign.

Because of Senator Cruz’s strong brand, we also knew list rentals had the potential to deliver results for the campaign – focused not on list growth but on maximizing campaign revenue. We generated $1.3 million in gross revenue for the campaign through these efforts, while delivering almost $900k in net profit that could be used to persuade and turn out voters on Election Day.

Finally, we aggressively ramped up efforts to maximize the profitability of the Senator’s email house file. We were able to recruit thousands of additional supporters to add to the list along the way, and produced daily fundraising content that returned more than $100,000 per week.

The end result?

We were able to generate a seven-figure net profit for the campaign. And on November 6th, Senator Cruz received 50.9% of the vote as compared to Congressman O’Rourke’s 48.3% - the closest U.S. Senate general election margin in Texas in 40 years.

It’s almost sounds cliché to say, but in this instance, it is 100% true: 

Every single dollar raised and every single vote cast counted, and our efforts played a critical role in in that victory.

At The Prosper Group, we have a passion for developing plans tailored to meet our clients unique challenges, to give them every possible advantage to win.

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