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Digital Ads: Immediate Availability

The Prosper Group has Your Campaign Covered

Updated: November 2, 2020

The Prosper Group is your One-Stop Shop for Digital Advertising right up to November 3. Digital advertising opportunities still available to you include:

  • Pre-Roll and OTT
  • Display Ads
  • Premium Publishers (, HULU, YouTube, and more)
  • Peer to Peer Texting

Do not be deterred by Facebook’s current blackout on new political ads.

Do you have last-minute donations your campaign needs to spend? Reach out to PG today!

Post-Election Ad Availability

Facebook and Google are temporarily stopping ads for politics and social issues after the polls close on November 3.

Do not miss out on list building and fundraising opportunities post-election. Make your plans with a Prosper Group Strategist to enter 2021 with momentum.

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