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How to Take a Winning TV Message to Digital (And Win!)

The political advertising landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, these days often seeming to evolve on a daily basis. Demographics are constantly shifting, as are audience media preferences and attention spans.

There was once a (primitive) time when TV reigned supreme. It was also time during which it was difficult to track the effectiveness of ad buys, and the proposition of advertising was incredibly expensive - putting it out of the reach of many campaigns.

Things have changed drastically with rise of digital advertising.

Essential Roles for Your Political Campaign

Many within the industry have pitted TV against digital in competition against each other. Here at The Prosper Group, we take a different view - believing they can (and should) work in concert to achieve a campaign’s goals.

At this year’s Pollie Awards in Napa, California, our digital efforts in 2018 earned The Prosper Group an outstanding FIVE “Pollie” awards – the most of any GOP digital firm in the country.

This is the fifth in a five-part series to introduce you to our efforts that took home hardware. If you like what you read, click here and let’s chat about how we can work together.

GOLD: Digital Standalone Creative | Kemp for Governor

Top tier campaigns across the country typically dedicate major financial resources to TV advertising buys. That was true for the Kemp for Governor campaign in Georgia, and we had the opportunity to work with the TV team to seize on key opportunities to build synergy.

A major part of The Prosper Group’s digital advertising strategy in this race was focused on coordinating our online messaging with the campaign’s TV efforts. Our goal was to deliver not only coordinated messaging, but also similarly-styled creative that ensured maximum retention and penetration among key targeted audiences – regardless of the screen on which the media was delivered.

Liberal Stacey Abrams

The biggest opportunity of all came during the last week of the 2018 election. The Kemp campaign launched a TV advertisement with footage of Stacey Abrams personally highlighting the extreme nature of her liberal-left agenda.

It was a compelling ad, which we wanted to emulate for digital media. But this particular TV ad presented The Prosper Group with a unique challenge, as it was built using actual footage of a talking Abrams.

We needed to deliver a display ad that conveyed the message, in similar presentation style, as in the television ad. It had to be attention-grabbing and memorable.

Digital Creative

Our team ultimately created a GIF that would “move” quickly to catch viewers’ attention. We had to carefully balance speed against readability, and think outside the box to deliver creative that would catch viewers’ attention.

We chose a white background to complement the creative style applied in the TV ad. We believe this worked as an advantage in standing out, since most display ads currently employ color to stand out (a “busier” look). Embracing the white space the layout created, we let the ad blend into its surrounding - almost as a native ad would appear.

The end product was a snappy GIF that delivered a complementary presentation to the TV ad, but built to grab the attention of web users. This was one more touch point for a persuasive message that was being run on all media channels.

As voters continue to spend more and more time online, either alongside TV or exclusively on their phones or tablets, it will become increasingly important to create ads that complement the TV ads campaigns are creating – OR to simply stand out on their own.

We can and want to help you, on both fronts. Creating ads that break through and deliver results is our passion. Let's talk to see how we can help your campaign!

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