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ICYMI | Economy, COVID will be first priorities for Biden or Trump

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After the election, PG's Sara Croom sat down with Reuters Global Markets Forum

Q&A-Economy, COVID will be first priorities for either Biden or Trump: Sara Croom, Prosper Group

A healthcare strategy and the economic recovery from COVID – 19 will be the next U.S. ;President’s top priorities, Sara Croom, client strategist director at the Prosper Group, told the Reuters Global Markets Forum on Thursday, November 5.

“Republicans will take what the Democrat majority in the House is saying is a priority and focus on how that will affect the economy – especially with the fact that taxes will be raised,” she said.

“If Biden becomes President, and strikes a different response to COVID, he’d likely make national declarations, pitting the economy into a downward spiral. Either scenario will be more than likely set up a very competitive mid-term election.”

She added that Joe Biden’s strong showing in traditional Republican stronghold Georgia should concern Republicans.


Here are the excerpts from Reuters Global Markets Forum:

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