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PG Newsletter: What Congressman Will Hurd has to say about 2020

Did you see the recent profile on Texas Congressman Will Hurd in The Wall Street Journal?

He discussed how he won in one of Democrats' top 2018 targets - the massive 23rd Congressional District that runs along our nation's southern border in Texas.

And as Congressman Hurd looked to the future, he shared a key piece of wisdom - that "the campaign for 2020 is won or lost in 2019."

Congressman Hurd has prevailed in the toughest races, and we've been incredibly proud to serve as the campaign's digital team. 

To put this victory into context, Will Hurd is one of only TWO Republican members of Congress to win in 2018 in a district carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016. (The other is Congressman John Katko of New York - another PG client!)

You may have caught this other piece of recent news: The DCCC has already set their initial 33 target districts for 2020 - including Texas' 23rd. You can see the full list here.

Winning in 2020 starts now. Early list building and fundraising proved to be crucial to Congressman Hurd's electoral success in 2018 - and that will be the case for campaigns across the country again in 2020.

We are passionate about helping our clients lay the foundation for campaign success. And our work continues to stand out amongst our industry peers. We recently shared the news that we've been named a finalist for 11 Reed Awards by Campaigns & Elections for our work last year, when we helped more than 100 clients prevail in their races!

Looking for a digital partner that knows how to win? Look no further. Let's chat to see how we can help!

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