Prosper Group E-Newsletter - June 2016

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Here's the latest news from The Prosper Group!

Bot fraud will cost advertisers $7 billion in 2016
Our resident digital advertising expert, Thomas Roberts, wrote a great blog post regarding the growing prevalence of online ad fraud and how we're working to protect our clients – including our partnership with TubeMogul, an industry leader in programmatic advertising. Read Thomas' full blog post here.

"Going Big" in the Lone Star State
Last week The Prosper Group added two more victories to our growing list of election wins in Texas this year. After the primary runoff elections last Tuesday, PG candidates in Texas are 6 for 7 – including one hard-fought legislative runoff decided by just 99 votes. Read more about how our work is putting candidates over the top in Texas this year.

Backr – The GOP Text-to-Donate Solution
In February, after six months of negotiations with the nation's cell carriers and their trade group, we officially launched Backr – a pure SMS text donation solution for Republican campaigns and committees. And we were proud to land the presidential campaign of Senator Ted Cruz as our first Backr client, a story covered by Campaigns & Elections magazine.

Backr has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool – the Cruz campaign was able to rapidly convert engaged supporters into subscribers and raise grassroots dollars by harnessing the power of this tool. Visit our dedicated Backr website to learn more.

Case Study: Regulation Roundup 
Prosper Group client Greg Gianforte is a successful technology entrepreneur running to become the next Governor of Montana. He's determined to cut government waste and "round up" the burdensome regulations that are holding Montana back – and asked us to develop an online community and portal where any Montanan could visit and participate.

The project has been an incredible success, engaging thousands of voters and securing significant earned media. Check out our case study here.

You May Have Heard from Him…
If you're one of our clients, you've probably already heard from him – former Jeb Bush digital strategist and American Crossroads producer Andrew Finnan recently joined The Prosper Group as Director of Accounts. We're happy to welcome Andrew to the team! Get to know more about Andrew.

Our Growing Prosper Group Team
Andrew isn't our only recent hire. In fact, we've welcomed four other key team members over the last several months, as we grow to meet strong demand for our award-winning services. These hires are bringing added firepower to The Prosper Group's creative, fundraising, and direct response efforts during this critical presidential election year. Meet our newest team members.

Our team is hard at work every day planning and executing highly-integrated, innovative, and effective digital strategies on behalf of our clients – you may be one of them! If so, THANK YOU for partnering with The Prosper Group.

If your campaign is looking for help developing a winning digital strategy, please contact us today.

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