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Put Award-Winning Targeting Experience to Work for Your Next Campaign

You may have read about our award-winning targeting in 2018, but it wasn't just our work in the race for House District 138 in Texas that won recognition at the 2019 Reed Awards.

The Prosper Group was also involved in one of the hottest battleground districts for Congress during last year's midterm election. California was already a difficult enough environment for an election in 2018, but adding to the complexity, California's 39th Congressional District was also incredibly diverse -- with 28.3% of the district being Asian. A large portion of that audience was comprised of Korean and Chinese Americans -- an advantage for our client because Young Kim is Korean.

We knew that to give Young Kim the best chance to win, we had to reach and motivate as many Korean and Chinese potential voters as possible, and we implemented a sophisticated, multi-faceted digital campaign to do just that.

Working with the campaign, The Prosper Group was able to implement a targeting campaign for Korean and Chinese audiences. To those audiences, we served display ads in Korean and Chinese, respectively.

We also knew that Ed Royce was popular with California's Korean and Chinese populations, so when Royce endorsed Kim, we made a direct site-buy to acquire the top banner on, a Chinese news website popular in the district.

Through Election Day, we continued to serve Get-Out-The-Vote ads in the district. Those ads were comprised of display and banner ads in both Korean and Chinese as well as direct-to-camera video content served to Korean and Chinese audiences matched with voter data through our DSP.

While, ultimately, we fell a little short after counting all the votes, our efforts made a HUGE impact in a tough race and gave our client a fighting chance to win in an incredibly difficult election environment. Those efforts resulted in a second Reed Award for our targeting and demonstrated The Prosper Group's capability to develop and implement sophisticated advertising and targeting campaigns.

If you want to get the most out of every single one of your advertising dollars, you want to work with a firm such as The Prosper Group that knows how to target exactly who you need to get your desired results. Let's get to work together!

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