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The Risks of Doing It On Your Own

If your online advertising needs rarely go beyond a few promoted posts on Facebook or a simple search campaign, then an in-house solution might make sense for you. You can assign the task to a subordinate and wish them luck.

As your advertising needs grow, so does the amount of expertise needed to manage your campaign effectively. Regardless of the size of your budget, ad campaigns need constant monitoring to ensure that you are achieving your goals. A minor tweak to your bidding strategy or landing page could be the difference between winning an election or losing it in a recount.

That is the kind of efficiency that comes with training and experience, which requires dedicated marketing staff. You need to develop a keen understanding of concepts like CTR, RTB, and DSP, because in 2016 those will be just as important as DMA, GRP, and CPP.

Oh, and were you really planning to have an intern make that display ad for you with Microsoft Paint? Don't forget to factor in the cost of hiring a graphic designer. If your campaign has the luxury of time and deep pockets (which is almost none of you) then by all means, take your efforts in-house. Otherwise, you are going to need some outside assistance to run an effective digital campaign.

By working with an agency like The Prosper Group, you will eliminate the overhead of having dedicated staff, immediately lowering your advertising costs.

A fully-integrated approach means that designers and developers will work closely with you on creative for ads and landing pages.

The Prosper Group has access to the very latest audience data, allowing us to target voters by a wide range of demographics, interests, and political affiliations. We can also utilize your existing voter lists in our targeting, finding these users anywhere they go online. That's a value which you can't get from an in-house solution.

Online advertising is complicated; hiring an experienced vendor can save you money and help you achieve your goals.

Thomas Roberts is the Digital Engagement Manager for The Prosper Group. He can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @thomasjpr.

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