The #SuperBowl Digital Game

Apparently, the game is limited to the football field anymore. Here is a look of who won the digital match up during this year's game:

Super Bowl XLIX set a record as the most “social” Super Bowl to date on both Twitter and Facebook.

There were 28.4 million tweets during the game. That’s up 14% from 24.9 million tweets for last year’s Super Bowl.

The most tweeted moment occurred during the game ending interception which resulted in 395,000 tweets per minute. The second most tweeted moment came at the end of the game with 379,000 tweets per minute followed by Katy Perry’s halftime performance which earned 284,000 tweets per minute.

On Facebook, more than 65 million people discussed the Super Bowl with a total of 265 million posts, comments and likes.  Last year, only 50 million unique Facebook users engaged about the Super Bowl.

The most active moments on Facebook occurred when the Patriots secured the win, 1.36 million unique “people per minute” engaged with Super Bowl content. The second most active moment occurred during Katy Perry’s finale of her halftime performance which resulted in 1.02 million engaged people-per-minute.

But even with numbers like this, it didn't beat the 2014 FIFA World Cup which was the most socially engaged event to date.  In the end, soccer wins.  

*All data used came from Twitter and Facebook.

Samantha Osbourne is the Director of Accounts Strategy for The Prosper Group. She can be reached at [email protected].

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