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Websites Are the Digital Hub for Campaigns - and Ours Win Awards!

For a lot of voters, the most contact they will ever have with a candidate for public office will be his or her campaign website.

It is where concerned citizens go to learn about where a candidate stands on the issues, where activists go to sign up to volunteer, where supporters will to go contribute, and where voters often ultimately go to figure out when and where to cast their ballots.

In every race - and particularly competitive, high-profile, hard-fought races - a campaign’s website has to function without error and provide a great user experience. It has to be easy to navigate, and it must display the kind of professionalism appropriate for the office for which your candidate is running.

A campaign’s website is a public-facing statement about the seriousness and viability of the candidate and his or her campaign team.

Here at The Prosper Group, we’re very proud of the websites we build on behalf of our clients, and our peers are taking notice of our work...

At this year’s Pollie Awards in Napa, California, our efforts in the 2018 cycle earned The Prosper Group an outstanding FIVE “Pollie” awards - the most of any GOP digital firm in the country.

This is the third in a five-part series to introduce you to our efforts that took home hardware. If you like what you read, click here and let’s chat about how we can work together. 

SILVER: Best Website | U.S. House of Representatives | Hurd for Congress

Setting the stage…

In 2014, Will Hurd and his team took on and defeated a well-funded and entrenched incumbent, Democratic Congressman Pete Gallego. To say it was a hard-fought race is an understatement. And ever since, TX-23 has been a Democratic target district.

The Democrats targeted this seat in 2016. In a rematch race, Congressman Hurd secured victory by a MUCH smaller margin - 1.3% in 2016 vs. 2.1% in 2014.

The Hurd campaign team anticipated a challenging mid-term election environment in 2018, and knew it would take smart strategy, hard work, and key campaign investments to secure victory.

It was clear that launching a robust and engaging revamped campaign website was going to be necessary to build a successful digital campaign. The campaign called upon The Prosper Group to overhaul their digital efforts, and this project was a top initial priority.

How we did it…

Among our first steps with the Hurd campaign was to conduct an extensive website audit. Then, it was time to rebuild the campaign’s new site from the ground up, to better reflect his brand and enhance crucial calls-to-action such as joining coalitions, donating, and volunteering to help on the ground, phones, and/or online.

We started by instituting a new hero image of Congressman Hurd, showing him interacting with constituents to show who he is and what he’s all about - SERVING the public in office, as someone who cares deeply for his district and the people who live in it.

The old, over-animated buttons were replaced with crisp, easy-to-read-and-click call-to-action buttons prominently displayed below the hero image. We also made it easier for constituents to keep in touch with him on social media via the Facebook feed integration.

As the election grew closer, the time for building coalitions passed. It was time to capitalize on those earlier efforts, so the “Coalitions” button was swapped for a “Vote” button. This allowed anyone who visited the Hurd for Congress website to easily find their polling times and locations throughout the early voting period and on Election Day.

When the new campaign website we built launched in July of 2018, there was an immediate and dramatic increase in engagement over the previous version. In particular, we saw a surge in the number of visitors, the amount of time those visitors stayed on the website, and the volume of volunteer submissions.

In fact, in its first month alone, the new website nearly doubled the previous build’s sessions, growing 81 percent. And new users grew 74 percent - helping share the Congressman’s brand and campaign message with thousands of new potential voters.

It wasn’t just the number of visitors that grew; those visiting were also more likely to convert into volunteers. In the first month after the new site was launched, the campaign received an equal number of volunteer submissions as it had during the previous two years combined.

In a close race, small details can make the biggest difference - and Congressman Hurd’s 2018 race was ultimately decided by the smallest of margins.

This website rebuild project was a key first step to building a strong, integrated 2018 digital campaign. It’s unquestionable that it made an impact in the final result on Election Day.

As demonstrated by this 2019 Silver Pollie recognition, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter “solutions” deployed for any campaign willing to pay. We want to get invested in your race, and custom tailor a solution that will help deliver a victory - like you, we want to WIN!

If you’re looking to launch a new website, we want to talk to you about your goals. 

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