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What IS A Chatbot? And Why You Should Be Using One!

We're all hearing a lot more about them, which leaves many asking - what exactly IS a chatbot?

A chatbot is a tool that allows us to put automation to work through Facebook Messenger, in order to interact in real time with Facebook fans; with the ultimate goal of driving action, collecting voter information, and delivering rapid-response replies to common keywords such as "volunteer."

While use of chatbots has become somewhat common in the corporate world, the utilization of chatbots in politics had been, to our knowledge, extremely limited.

In 2018, The Prosper Group had the opportunity to help change that - with impressive results.

Locked in one of the most expensive U.S. Senate races in the country, in the summer of 2018 the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign in Texas was looking for new, effective, and cost-efficient ways to reach, activate, and mobilize volunteers and voters.

We were eager to seize the opportunity, and believed this was a perfect opportunity to deploy a chatbot as part of our comprehensive overhaul of the campaign's digital strategy.

For our GOTV efforts, we created multiple campaigns to drive people to use the chatbot, then served key GOTV messaging to those who interacted with it.

To kick off our first chatbot campaign, we created a promoted post that included a chatbot quiz on Beto O’Rourke and his policy positions, following a recent debate between the two candidates.

When Facebook users interacted with the chatbot quiz, we were able to acquire their email addresses - AND we gained the ability to continue contacting the users on an ongoing basis through Facebook Messenger using the chatbot. 

This gave us the ability to funnel users into a new chat campaign, that asked voters if they had voted early. If they responded "NO," then the chatbot prompted them to RSVP to a Facebook event which would remind attendees to vote on Election Day.

A subsequent chatbot campaign prompted users to change their profile picture, to use a profile picture frame that showed they would be voting for Ted Cruz on Election Day - a great way to demonstrate Senator Cruz's support in a visible way, organically, across Facebook.

Why is this better than just emailing supporters alone, you might ask? What is the added value?

It's all about engagement. We observed open and click-through rates in our Facebook Messenger campaigns that were much higher than we typically see in email.

Our overall open rate for our Ted Cruz for Senate chatbot campaigns was nearly 94%, with a CTR of more than 25%!

And in a race as close as this, every touchpoint counted.

Have ideas or wondering how you can put this technology to work for your campaign? (We definitely do!)

Click here, and let's talk about creating a chatbot campaign for you!

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