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What I Learned: Three Days in Chicago with TubeMogul

A few weeks ago I spent some time with our programmatic advertising partner TubeMogul in Chicago. It was a great trip, a lot of fun, and I learned some really important and useful stuff.

(I also got a t-shirt, and met an affable office dog named Charlie.)

In the time since, I’ve had the opportunity to put my newfound skills to work for clients that exist in the real world, rather than just the Driest of Drywall Company – an operation invented for training purposes (thanks again, Tom).

Here are three things to know about a programmatic ad placement tool.

1. You’re losing if you’re not programmatic.

Programmatic ad buying is the most effective way to get a message in front of a specific audience in today’s publisher/ad exchange world. And you lose so many headaches: direct buys, crummy reporting, and unstandardized creative are gone.

Instead, with the power of a partner like TubeMogul, you have industry standards in ad creative at your fingertips, powerful data partnerships, and fully customizable placements.

In fact, placement options are expansive beyond what most people imagine – daily spend, data accessibility, geographical targeting, pre-bid filters, scale, spending trends, site control – you name it. It gives you the opportunity to place ads in front of the audience you seek without breaking the bank.

TubeMogul is always negotiating great deals as well, and gives their partners (like PG) the opportunity to take advantage of the perks.

If you’re advertising isn’t powered by a tool like TubeMogul, you’re probably buying directly with publishers like your local news site. In these cases, you’re likely not sure if your message is actually reaching your desired audience, with reporting based on a conglomeration of tools (of varying quality) instead of a robust centralized platform.

Programmatic takes the hassle out of sorting through all the ins and outs of publisher world, and with powerful bottom line results.

2. We’re looking out for you, buddy!

Ad fraud. Viewability metrics. Bad publishers.

You may not know all of the threats to your online ads, but TubeMogul does. And they put a lot of time into making sure you have a quality, impactful experience.

Without a trusted partner like TubeMogul, you are very likely being presented some degree of half-baked or even fraudulent results, without any way to know better. TubeMogul reports when these things have occurred in the interest of full transparency, and is a leader in tackling issues around ad fraud and coming up with solutions to prevent it.

3. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Ben Franklin

Stuck in Chicago traffic on my way back to Indianapolis, I boiled all this excellent training down to one insight: Planning is the difference between good and great.

The first step I recommend anyone take at the start of a successful ad campaign plan would be:

  1. List your goals for the campaign
  2. Prioritize those goals
  3. Eliminate all the goals that can’t be achieved while achieving the top priority

You need specific goals (and a commitment to meet them) if you want quality results.

A second critical aspect of planning is follow-through. It is paramount to form a plan structure that does not change unless necessary.

A well thought-out, deliberate and consistently executed campaign will achieve the best results.


Do you like being disorganized? Do you like difficult-to-use online interfaces? Do you like manually creating reports? Than TubeMogul is not for you.

But if you like saving time, money, and achieving the impact you need through your online engagement efforts… partner with a team like ours that has the incredible power of TubeMogul behind us. 

Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

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