Winning the Suburban Vote in 2021 and 2022

Keys to Victory

Suburban voters will once again be "swing" voters and an essential constituency to target using various digital marketing tools in both the 2021 off-year and 2022 midterm elections.

And while the various political pundits and experts continue to analyze voter trends from the 2020 elections in these suburban districts and develop different conclusions, they all agree that the suburban vote will be critical to almost every candidate running, even incumbents.

Winning the Suburbs, Keys to Victory
Winning the Suburbs

There will be three major differences in upcoming elections, which will have a significant impact on conservative suburban voters -

  1. this will be the first election AFTER redistricting following the 2020 US Census,
  2. over 15 million people relocated to different locations in 2020 (post-Census), many leaving urban areas; and
  3. this will be the first election AFTER several states passed and implemented new voting laws.

And many suburban voting districts are expected to be impacted by these new maps.

Combined with an emerging field of well-prepared conservative candidates and President Biden's expensive stimulus plans, these factors mean that suburban voters will be paying attention to "persuasion" messages much earlier in the campaign cycle.

For campaign staff, these factors mean a few things:

  • Communications plans and editorial calendars for candidate messages need preparation, reviewing, and adjusting earlier in 2022.
  • Digital marketing will play an increasingly important role in media channel placement during the Spring and Summer of 2022. According to AdAge, 56% of all advertising spending, even beyond political, in 2022 is expected to be online and digital-centric.
  • Issues, especially issues of personal safety and culture, more so than personality or celebrity, are currently on suburban voters' minds. National polls from Gallup, Harris, and others continue to reveal that suburban voters are both highly aware of and concerned about issues that are traditionally conservative in nature.

Increase Chances of Winning

There are several steps candidates can take now to build a strong foundation with suburban voters particularly.

  • Allocate and dedicate a larger portion of your budget towards digital marketing activities – from fundraising to advertising; digital offers a low-cost, high-impact opportunity to target suburban voters directly.
  • Monitor social media sites like Nextdoor and other local websites where suburban voters get information. Include other candidates' digital presence as well as key local groups in your social monitoring.
  • Start early on digital to build higher name recognition and issue awareness. Many of the traditional timelines and campaign milestones have shifted due to Covid creating opportunities to exploit digital marketing channels affordably.
  • Consider outsourcing digital marketing to an agency that can manage and maximize the many variables that are part of a digital campaign – emails, ad buys, social media posts, and the like.

Suburban voters can be swayed and persuaded by proactive digital marketing tactics, and it is easier than ever to reach these voters using digital.

Now is the time to start planning and building your digital marketing plans.

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