The Prosper Group Announces Release of Backr®, An Exclusive New Text-to-Donate Fundraising Tool

Powerful Service Will Give Clients a Unique Edge in Acquiring New Donors 

The Prosper Group, a full-service digital marketing agency serving Republican and conservative candidates and committees, today announced the official release of Backr® – a powerful new tool designed to give clients the ability to rapidly convert supporters into donors.

Backr® empowers organizations to acquire new donors nearly instantaneously, via SMS text messages from their mobile device. This will allow Prosper Backr® clients to make the very most of key opportunities such as campaign rallies, meet-and-greet events and other engagement points. 

Since the supporter’s donation will appear on their bill from their wireless carrier, there is no need to fill out long forms or enter credit or debit card information – making the entire process quick and seamless. 

“In this pivotal election year, we are proud to be the first agency to bring this technology to the Republican and conservative political space,” said Kurt Luidhardt, Vice President and co-founder of The Prosper Group.

“Today’s campaigns and elections are evolving fast, and we are constantly looking for new ways to give our clients the edge they need to win. Backr® will serve as an incredibly powerful tool for any campaign that is looking to bring new donors in the door and integrate them into its ongoing engagement and fundraising programs. 

With Backr® setup complete and a campaign’s call to action, supporters are able to make donations in a matter of seconds. They simply need to send a text message to a client’s unique five-digit number, including a chosen keyword, and they will receive an immediate reply with a secure link to donate. 

Clients can incorporate their unique text-to-donate number and keyword into printed materials, live events, and direct-response fundraising campaigns

“In recent years we’ve seen a number of nonprofit organizations leverage texting platforms for charitable gifts including giving blood, breast cancer research, and relief in the Philippines. I am excited that our team has solved the regulatory problems to provide tech savvy Republican the same tools millennials use to give to charity,” Luidhardt continued.

There has been an explosion in the popularity of internet enabled mobile smartphones. Essentially, everyone is now carrying one in their pocket or purse – and text messaging programs have proven to be both highly effective and popular with consumers. Backr® will help our clients bring on board those supporters who may not be responsive to e-mail, direct mail, or other marketing efforts.” 

To learn how your organization can take advantage of the power of Backr®, please visit

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