Designing a Digital Strategy


“The rewards we are reaping today are the logical consequence of careful preparation."

That is one incredibly powerful statement by Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler AG, commenting on how Mercedes-Benz recently passed BMW to become the largest premium carmaker in the world.

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Digital Video Advertising: 2017 Landscape

Topics: Facebook, Video, Advertising

Researchers predicted that 2016 was to be the “Year of Video” in the digital space — and it was.

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3 Ways to Shorten Ad Copy & Maximize Results

Topics: Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, Advertising

There’s one thing we’ve found in common across all direct response online ad types: Concise, powerful copy almost always drives stronger click-through and conversion rates vs. longer form copy.

In other words – the shorter the copy, the better the ad.

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