5 Strategies for Socially Distanced Voter Outreach

Topics: COVID-19, Strategy, Fundraising, GOTV
The Prosper Group
Now is the Time to Innovate and Pivot
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43 Amazing People, 3 Reed Awards, and Incredible Clients

Topics: Reed Awards, The Prosper Group, Justin Holland, Daniel Cameron, Josh Berkowitz

If you read my subject line, you know I have some exciting news to share with you. 

But first, I want to take a moment to lift up our team at The Prosper Group. Please indulge me for a moment. 

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Reed Awards

The Prosper Group Wins 3 Reed Awards for Online Targeting

Topics: Reed Awards, Awards, Daniel Cameron, Justin Holland, Josh Berkowitz
The Prosper Group

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Prosper Group announced today that it led the pack in online advertising at the 2020 Reed Awards, bringing home top honors in three categories. 

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