Top 5 Tips to Make GREAT Fundraising Selfie Videos

Topics: Selfie Videos, Video, Social Media, Testing, Fundraising, Advocacy, Elise Stefanik, Republican
The Prosper Group

You can’t jump on social media without seeing one. From TikTok teens to celebrities and athletes to world leaders, selfie videos are all the rage.

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TECH | Advertising Campaign Control, Insight, & Speed

Topics: Advertising, Technology

The Prosper Group is a digital leader for right-of-center advocacy and campaigns. We invest in technology and our team to help clients achieve their goals.

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ICYMI | Economy, COVID will be first priorities for Biden or Trump

Topics: Trump, 2020 Elections, Georgia
In Case You Missed It

After the election, PG's Sara Croom sat down with Reuters Global Markets Forum

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