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Small things were important. Seconds were small things, and if you heaped enough of those on top of one another, they became a man’s life. - Androl, Towers of Midnight

Derek Johnson is a developer with a passion for creating beautiful, meaningful things. 

He graduated from Ball State University with a degree in History, so naturally he immediately began a career in web development. Derek has worked on projects ranging from total website redesign for a multinational cabling company to that old dentist office just down the road that has finally decided that this whole "Internet thing" might be around for a while.

In his free time, Derek enjoys reading/listening to fantasy novels, playing video games & tabletop RPGs, and relaxing with his wife and daughter.


  • Was ranked #1 in North America on the Diablo 3 ladder for Solo Crusader for a time
  • Won a swim competition at a resort in Florida against ~30 others, for the reward of a lukewarm, watery beer. But it still tasted like victory.
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