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To recognize that the greatest error is not to have tried and failed, but that in trying, we did not give it our best effort. - Foundations of Mission Operations, NASA.

Josh Perry is a native Texan who has been advocating for conservative principles, policies, and candidates his entire adult life.

Fresh out of college, Josh joined the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign as Digital Director – where he played an integral role in the campaign's online and digital strategy, to harness grassroots support and ultimately help clinch the Republican nomination and win the general election in 2012. Josh then moved to Washington, D.C. to serve as Senator Cruz’s New Media Director, to help establish an online footprint for his U.S. Senate office. He would eventually be profiled by CNN as "Ted Cruz's Twitter whisperer."

Josh eventually moved back to Texas to join the Cruz for President campaign – where he took on the role of Social Media Director – managing the organic social media content for Senator Cruz's race.

Josh holds a bachelor's degree in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently lives in New York, NY.

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