Vice President and Co-Founder
"It's extremely difficult to lead further than you have gone yourself." - Edmund Burke

Kurt is Vice President at The Prosper Group, a digital agency he co-founded in 2006. Together with Kristen, they have grown a company that continues to serve dozens of Republican candidates and advocacy organizations.

His unique blend of experience gives him a different perspective on politics and communication.  His Midwestern values of hard work and service has led to positive and long term relationships with his clients.  Those folks include Governors Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Mike Pence as well as current and former US Senators Ben Sasse, Dan Coats, and Scott Brown and Mike Enzi.  In addition, dozens of members of the US House have worked with Kurt and his team- from Indiana to New Jersey to California.

Campaigns and Elections Magazine awarded Kurt a 2010 Rising Star award saying, “Luidhardt has become one of the GOP's top thinkers in online campaigning.”  His firm has won dozens of Pollie and Reed Awards recognizing innovation in digital engagement for Republican political campaigns.

Before starting Prosper Group, Kurt managed large government consulting projects for Nexpointe Strategies where he lobbied Congress on behalf of the Indiana Attorney General and the do not call law, and helped draft the state's energy plan. He also served as Manager of Political Affairs for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce where he managed campaigns for pro-business candidates.

Outside the office, Kurt is passionate about faith, good books, Indiana, and the Indianapolis Colts.  

Kurt is also a frequent speaker at political training seminars and is a sought-after expert on political technology and digital strategy.

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