Junior Graphic Designer
Everything useful that can be done in the world can be done in joy. - Andrew Klavan

Samantha, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, is a designer at The Prosper Group. She was highly dedicated to her studies in college, while also making time to get involved in conservative groups on campus and volunteer at a local dog shelter on Saturday mornings.

Before joining The Prosper Group, Samantha’s work experiences included serving as the in-house designer at a water utility, designing everything from frozen yogurt spoons to concept ad campaigns at a marketing agency to preparing full-size wall graphics at an architecture and design firm.

When not at her computer, Samantha loves spending time outdoors, working with her hands, and petting dogs. She reads as much as she can, and spends the rest of her free time pursuing creative hobbies, such as drawing, knitting, and even furniture refinishing. Unless of course there’s college football on... then she’s watching college football!

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