Digital Forefront: How the #CruzCrew Won in 2018

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The Challenge

In 2018, United States Senator Ted Cruz of Texas - a leading voice of America’s constitutional conservative movement - faced his first re-election test.

The Democrats found “star” power in their candidate, liberal Congressman Beto O’Rourke. This race became a national focal point, with left-of-center organizations and grassroots backers across the country pouring in financial support behind his campaign. In the 3rd quarter of 2018 alone, Beto for Texas raised a record-shattering $38 million.

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Put Award-Winning Targeting Experience to Work for Your Next Campaign

Topics: 2018 Elections, Congress, The Prosper Group, Advertising

You may have read about our award-winning targeting in 2018, but it wasn't just our work in the race for House District 138 in Texas that won recognition at the 2019 Reed Awards.

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PG Newsletter: What Congressman Will Hurd has to say about 2020

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Did you see the recent profile on Texas Congressman Will Hurd in The Wall Street Journal?

He discussed how he won in one of Democrats' top 2018 targets - the massive 23rd Congressional District that runs along our nation's southern border in Texas.

And as Congressman Hurd looked to the future, he shared a key piece of wisdom - that "the campaign for 2020 is won or lost in 2019."

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Early Start & Hard Work Win the Day in One of Nation’s Top U.S. House Races

Topics: 2018 Elections, Congress, Case Study, The Prosper Group

The Challenge

Congressman Will Hurd (TX-23) is no stranger to tough races.  
In 2014 – as a political newcomer – Will Hurd and his team took on and defeated a well-funded and entrenched incumbent, Democrat Pete Gallego, in a hard-fought race.  

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The Prosper Group and Axiom Strategies Announce Strategic Partnership

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Independent Firms Will Leverage Powerful Combined Capabilities to Drive Innovation and Deliver Client Results

For immediate release
January 29, 2018
Contact: Maria Jeffrey, [email protected]

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