Text Messaging for Political Fundraising

Topics: Fundraising, SMS, Testing, House File, Text Messaging, Small-Dollar Fundraising

Move Over Email; I Have a New Text Alert!

A decade ago, email fundraising was king. Teams of campaign staffers were dedicated to priming, primping, crafting, and sending highly targeted electronic mail appeals. Now the mediums we utilize have diversified, and one channel is finally giving email marketing some competition — fundraising via text messages.

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Expert Advice: Fundraising, OTT, & 2021 Strategy

Topics: Expert Advice, Fundraising, GOTV, Brian Kemp, Tommy Tuberville, Telephone Townhall, OTT, Strategy, Modeling, Facebook, Ted Cruz, Small-Dollar Fundraising

Digital Down the Stretch with i360 & The Prosper Group [Part Two]

Recently, i360 and The Prosper Group teamed up to share strategic insights and opportunities heading into the final weeks of the 2020 election as well as look ahead to 2021 with: Digital Down the Stretch with i360 & The Prosper Group.

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Case Study: Building a Winning 360-Degree Digital Campaign in Top 2018 Governor’s Race

Topics: Brian Kemp, Advertising, Email Fundraising, Websites, Pollie Awards, Reed Awards, Small-Dollar Fundraising, Awards

Here at The Prosper Group, we are proud of the successful, award-winning digital campaign we designed and executed - in coordination with Georgia-based Parlay Marketing Partners - on behalf of the Kemp for Governor campaign in the 2018 election cycle.

We were hired early on in the race, and the going was not always easy.

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Sounding the Alarm to Win a Bronze “Pollie” for Best Use of Email

Topics: Pollie Awards, Email Fundraising, Ted Cruz, Small-Dollar Fundraising, Awards

If you’re looking for a GOP digital agency who has demonstrated its ability to create compelling email copy tailored for the success for your campaign - and not just cookie cutter content that looks like what every other campaign is sending to your inbox - you’re in luck!

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Email Copy Matters... and Ours is Award-Winning!

Topics: Email Fundraising, Reed Awards, The Prosper Group, Ted Cruz, Small-Dollar Fundraising

These days nearly every campaign - from the most local of races up to national campaigns for President of the United States - uses email to one degree or another for small-dollar fundraising, grassroots organizing, get-out-the-vote efforts, and more.

That also means that politically-involved email users have inboxes that are being inundated daily, maybe even hourly, with more requests for donations and other actions than ever before.

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Celebrating an Amazing Decade of Digital Success

Topics: Small-Dollar Fundraising, Advertising, Scott Walker

What a milestone – it's actually a little bit hard to believe. 

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the day we opened our doors!

That day ten years ago seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at the same time. And it's amazing to think about the exponential upward trajectory of our industry over the last decade, and the incredible impact we've made along the way.

These days, nothing is hotter than digital. It's ubiquitous. Every consultant and every vendor is scrambling to label themselves a "digital expert" or "digital firm". 

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